About Sam

samiam began as PC Installations and Maintenance (PCIAM) and later became FAQtually. It was started in May of 2004. Having worked for an international high-tech manufacturing facility for over 17 years (in information technology for 8 years and as an advanced computer user for 9 years prior), I have training and extensive experience with many types of equipment, operating systems, and applications. At the request of a close friend who needed computer services at his business, I created PCIAM. Over the next 2½ years, PCIAM was a side-job that naturally grew, helping over 40 repeat clients. Upon learning of the closing of my full-time employer, I decided to make PCIAM my full-time career as of January 1, 2007.

Over the years, opportunities have called for the expansion of services offered. E-learning production for the hospitality industry began in early 2007. In mid-2007, I began assisting with computer-based simulation training events for 4- and 5-star international hospitality industry leaders. In 2010, a long-time client called on me for litigation exhibit production, expanding my offerings yet again.

Community is important to me. As such, I provide discounted support and services to non-profit organizations, donating financially and in-kind to some. In so many ways, this is the most rewarding part of the work I do.

Growing up in the small town of Graham, North Carolina, I learned the value of great customer service early in life. My grandfather operated his grocery store there for over 55 years. My parents ran their department store and men’s clothing store there, as well. I spent summers in my grandfather’s store when I was as young as 7. He taught me an awful lot about taking care of people. At 14, I acquired my worker’s permit and began working weekends, holidays, and summers at my parents’ stores. The things I learned in those early years are what I still do today: Be courteous. Listen well. Share information. Meet needs. Care.

From my own experiences on the client side, I know customer service has suffered greatly over the years. One cannot help but wonder if so many businesses have forgotten they’re in operation to serve their customers. It would seem their business models involve their customers serving them. Good customer service can rarely be found where policies and staff are adversarial with the client.

Small business is where real customer service started and it is where people can still rely on finding it. Every time. The small business owner knows the value of satisfied customers, their repeat business, and their referrals. He also ensures his staff know these things. If small businesses don’t satisfy their customers, they don’t stay in business. We have significantly fewer customers than our larger competitors. That’s a dual-edged sword. We have to strive to ensure every customer we work with is completely satisfied. However, we get to strive to ensure every customer we work with is completely satisfied. Ours is not a business of high quantity. Ours has to be high quality.

At samiam, customer service still matters.

Thank you for visiting. If there’s some way I can be of assistance, I’d love the opportunity to show you what customer service really is.

Warm regards,
Sam Moore